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Dow looks to erase 2016 nightmare on Wall Street

The Dow hasn’t done it yet, but it’s close to erasing all the red ink that drenched it at the then-worst start to a year ever. The Dow Jones industrial

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Apple expected to pay $450M in e-book case

Apple is expected to pay $450 million after the Supreme Court on Monday refused to consider the tech giant’s appeal of a ruling that found the company conspired with five

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27 giant profitable companies paid no taxes

Death and taxes are supposed to be two certainties of life. But a few companies have at least escaped the taxes part. There are 27 companies in the Standard &

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Stock storyline shifts from ‘worst start to year’ to not too bad

The worst start to a year ever for the U.S. stock market doesn’t seem so bad now, following a bounce-back rally that has pulled stocks close to 2% of where

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Amazon drops encryption from Fire devices

Retailing giant Amazon confirmed Friday it removed local encryption from its Kindle Fire devices, as it throws support to Apple

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Jobs Friday clashes with March Fed meeting

It’s Jobs Friday. That means the monthly Wall Street guessing game, “Will they or won’t they hike?” will kick off

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Kate Spade earnings fall short of forecasts

Kate Spade & Co. (KATE) on Tuesday reported fourth-quarter net income of $61.5 million. The New York-based company said it

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Carl Icahn posts worst loss since 2008

Carl Icahn, who briefly flirted with a role as Donald Trump’s Treasury Secretary, just posted his worst investment losses since

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VW sales fall as diesel scandal drags on

The Volkswagen brand saw a drop of 13.2% in sales last month as it continues to reel from the inability

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Zuckerberg climbs Forbes billionaires list

Facebook is making people a lot of money. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg climbed one spot to sixth on Forbes magazine’s

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