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Greece and creditors meet Monday in 11th-hour bid to avoid default

Greece and its eurozone creditors are scheduled to meet Monday in a last-ditch effort to avert a default that could shake global financial markets and result in the debt-plagued country’s

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Air seeps out of Chinese stock ‘bubble’

The mainland Chinese stock market, which had gained more than 150% in a year’s time, prompting bubble warnings, seems to be deflating, as shares dipped 13.3% this week. The Shanghai

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Wait continues for easier access to mainland China shares

Want an easier way to invest in  shares of Mainland China stocks? Well, that day is getting closer, but investors will have to wait a little bit longer. Currently, American

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Deutsche Bank agrees to $55M SEC penalty

Deutsche Bank agreed to pay $55 million Tuesday to settle allegations the German banking giant mis-stated paper losses of at least $1.5 billion during the global financial crisis. The U.S.

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One year later, India’s economy brightens under Modi

When Narendra Modi became prime minister a year ago on a promise to revive India’s once-sparkling economy, inflation was running

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Euro zone economy picks up pace but Germany lags

A slowdown in Germany weighed on the euro zone in the first quarter, but the bloc’s economy still grew at

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Japan’s Takeda agrees to pay $2.4B ln in diabetes drug suit

Japan’s largest drugmaker Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. said Wednesday it has agreed to pay $2.4 billion to thousands of patients and

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Global fund investors to U.S. stocks: Drop dead

Global fund investors are dropping U.S. stocks like a rattlesnake on meth. But emerging markets stocks? Sparkly unicorns. TrimTabs Investment

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Major aftershock hits Nepal as search for quake survivors intensifies

The Kathmandu area of Nepal was struck by a magnitude-6.7 aftershock Sunday, just a day after a massive earthquake in

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Japan PM Abe visits USA amid controversial WWII remarks

Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe begins a historic, week-long visit to the United States on Sunday that will highlight strengthened

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