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Nikkei closes above 20,000 for first time in 15 years

The jury may still be out on “Abenomics,” but Japanese investors are rendering at least an interim verdict on the economic policies of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: thumbs up. The

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Five years after the spill: BP still leaking

BP faced a major crisis exactly five years ago. Today, the oil giant is still facing a crisis – just a different one. On April 20, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon

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IMF faces tipping point over Greece

It was perhaps inevitable that the Greek crisis would hijack the spring meeting of International Monetary Fund this week, but the damage to the international lending agency could grow much

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EU accuses Google of abusing Internet search dominance

The European Union’s competition regulator on Wednesday accused Google of illegally abusing its dominance of the Internet search market in Europe by favoring its own comparison-shopping product when consumers shop

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Russia lifts ban on advanced air defense to Iran

Secretary of State John Kerry, members of Congress and Israeli leaders are protesting a decision by Russian President Vladimir Putin

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Hong Kong shares soar as mainland China investors buy in

The new system that connects stock markets in mainland China and Hong Kong is creating a buying frenzy in Hong

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Japan stocks beat U.S. as funds soar 10.7% in Q1

If you sent your money abroad in the first quarter, you got some handsome returns — and the further you

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Greece says ready to make IMF payment on April 9

Greece will repay a loan tranche to the IMF on time on April 9, its deputy finance minister said on

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Netanyahu blasts Obama’s Iran nuclear deal

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took his protest of the Iran nuclear agreement to the U.S. airwaves on Sunday. “This

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U.S., Iran reach historic nuclear ‘understanding’

Iran and six world powers on Thursday agreed on “key parameters” for resolving a long-standing dispute over Iran’s disputed nuclear

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