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Toronto’s Leading Security Consultants at Northern Force Security

May 24
22:47 2017
Whether it’s home security, building security, business security, VIP protection, mobile patrol, security guards, or corporate security services, Northern Force Security deals with it all.

No matter the surroundings, any individuals who have a high-profile career or social standing can be at risk for their privacy being invaded. Northern Force Security of Toronto, Ontario is a full-service security provider with an aim to meet all of the clients’ safety and security needs. Whether it’s home security, building security, business security, VIP protection, mobile patrol, security guards, or corporate security services, Northern Force Security deals with it all.

Northern Force Security is a team of professionally trained security experts who meet at a residential, industrial, or commercial location for the initial meeting. From the get-go, they aim to provide their client with a customized plan of concrete solutions for any security enhancements and/or improvements. They understand that many people face a higher than normal risk during their everyday lives. Their security personnel are highly trained and experienced in anti-terrorism tactics and contemporary security, which makes them more than qualified to protect individuals and businesses from all sorts of threats and risks.

With their vast international experience, Northern Force Security is able to provide Canadian customers with “unparalleled personal safety and property protection”. Their employees are highly trained, adhere to a strict set of business ethics and company values, and have the highest degree of security professionalism with each and every client. They aim to be available 24/7 to respond to all their customers’ needs and queries.

One of the services that Northern Force Security offers is the Security Consulting in Toronto. This service assesses the threat and possible risks involved in the situation. They assist “individuals and business in reducing security risks whilst providing the right balance of defense, protection, safety, and customer service”. Northern Force Security personnel assist businesses to plan and develop security protocols that are personalized to the businesses security risks. They identify risks and threats, determine security requirements, establish security zones, and develop security concepts. On top of that, they employ a customizable Threat and Risk Assessment tool to identify weaknesses in their designs, structure, systems, construction, or manpower to reduce the probability of a breach.

On top of the services that they offer, they also offer two types of training for their applicants, employees, and the public, those being security guard training and online security guard training. A global leading expert in security training and anti-terror preparedness, Nir Maman, gives their security guard training. Their online training program allows individuals to get their license to work in the security industry. They are a registered training provider in Ontario who provides the training with leading edge technology.

For more information about Northern Force Security, visit their website to find all the details on their services and training that they offer. Formed by former military professionals and anti-terrorism specialists, they are qualified for all risks and threats that an individual or business could face. As a full-service provider, they can meet the security and safety needs of their clients.

Media Contact
Company Name: Northern Force Security Inc.
Contact Person: Pavel Lifanov
Email: Send Email
Phone: (647) 982-1385
Address:1750 Steeles Ave West Unit#217 Concord
City: Toronto
State: Ontario
Country: Canada

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