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Airwheel Electric Assist Urban Bike R6 to Create a Rosy and Sunny Life for the Young People

June 25
19:41 2017
Airwheel electric folding bike R6 is extraordinarily popular with the young in the current market. The first selling point is its power source. It is powered by electricity and therefore it is economical. On the other hand, it is designed folding automatically, which is space-saving. It can be easily put under the office desk.

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Most of young people who are fresh from colleges are hard up for money. When they bury themselves in job, they are trying to bring down the living cost, by renting a cheaper room or reducing the commuting fee each day. Even when they are job-seekers, they have to give up on a good job because of the long-distance commuting. However, with the advent of Airwheel smart electric bike R6, all is changing. The commuting issue is no longer a problem. At the same time, their life lights up with the help of R6. These miracles are all from R6.

Airwheel R6 electric assist bicycle

Why is Airwheel electric assist bike R6 catching on to the public all over the world? There is a story of reasons. Firstly, it is economical. It is powered by electricity and therefore it is very money-saving. The long range is sufficient for the young to commute between the workplace and the residence each day. In spite of the long range, the fee is not expensive. Unlike the personal car, whose oil fee costs a fortunate, Airwheel R6 electric assist bicycle costs far less. A full charge needs 3 hour but the fee is less than $ 0.5. Such low cost surely becomes a selling point in the current market.

Airwheel electric folding bike R6

Of the secondary importance is the folding design of Airwheel electric folding bike R6. The space of the young’s rented room is rather small, so much so that it cannot fit spare personal transports in it. The space is rather expensive. They are in want of money to rent a larger room. Therefore, Airwheel R6 adopts the automatic folding design. On the one hand, it saves much space in the room. On the other hand, it can be easily put under the office desk in the office building by pushing one button to fold it.

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