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Leading Pilonidal Laser Treatment Los Angeles Doctor Recognized For Excellence

July 12
21:43 2017

Dr. Allen Kamrava has been recognized as an expert in pilonidal laser treatment Los Angeles. His highly technical treatment works by addressing the root cause of pilonidal disease. Using a microsurgical laser, Dr. Kamrava removes the sinus and completes the procedure in less than 30 minutes. This pilonidal laser treatment Los Angeles provider can be found at 9001 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite #104, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 or reached by phone at 424.279.8222.

Pilonidal sinus is a disease that should be treated only by skilled pilonidal laser treatment Los Angeles professionals. The microsurgical incisions used during this procedure require expert hands, making Dr. Kamrava’s pilonidal laser treatment Los Angeles expertise highly impressive. By using these small cuts, Dr. Kamrava ensures that healthy tissue around the sinus cyst remains intact and that recovery is quick and easy.

Dr. Kamrava’s cutting-edge Los Angeles pilonidal laser treatment is an outpatient procedure, so patients are released the same day as their surgery. Patients treated by Dr. Kamrava have often gone through unsuccessful treatments by other doctors so the successful and comparatively painless nature of this pilonidal laser treatment Los Angeles procedure is even more impressive.

Dr. Kamrava’s years of experience allow him to perform top-notch Los Angeles pilonidal laser treatment. Dr. Kamrava is a board-certified doctor who is continually coming up with new ways to treat his patients using innovative technologies. His pilonidal laser treatment Los Angeles procedure is only one of his many highly effective, ground-breaking procedures.

About Pilonidal Laser Treatment Los Angeles

Dr. Allen Kamrava is a recognized specialist in the pilonidal laser treatment Los Angeles field. Patients come to him from the greater Los Angeles area and, with his expertise, he treats them quickly and relatively painlessly. If you are suffering from pilonidal sinus disease, Dr. Kamrava is an expert doctor ready to help.

Learn more about his renowned pilonidal laser treatment Los Angeles procedure online at or by phone at 424.279.8222.

Media Contact
Company Name: Colorectal Surgeon Beverly Hills
Contact Person: Allen Kamrava
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (424) 279-8222
City: Beverly Hills
State: CA
Country: United States

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