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Nimble Real Estate Caring for Staff and Their Families 敏捷地产关爱员工家庭 共享美好生活

August 08
21:01 2017
Recently, Nimble Real Estate held a parenting education course called “Family with Love” and invited a psychological counselor from Excellent Parents Institute of …


Recently, Nimble Real Estate held a parenting education course called “Family with Love” and invited a psychological counselor from Excellent Parents Institute of International Studies (Hong Kong) to give training to Nimble staff, which received favourable comment.


Nimble’s president, Tan Bingzhao, expressed that the corporate philosophy of Nimble, “Build a Dream Home, Make a Better Life”, is not only meaningful to owners but also to each staff of Nimble. He said “Only when staff are cared by the company can they have the same dream home and better life, be the power which boosts the development, and fulfill their social duties and responsibilities.”


There is a Chinese saying that “harmony brings wealth”, which means a strong family relationship affects everyone’s happiness index. Beginning from the needs of staff, Nimble invited a famed psychological counselor to introduce the positive family communication and the value of positive energy through his/her speeches, “Affection and Emotion Management”, “The Relation between Parents’ Values and Family Traditions”, and “The Creation of Family Cultures”, to deliver optimistic thoughts of loving families and life. It is worth to mention that Nimble has not only invited the staff for the activity but also their family members to participate, so as to form a harmonious family relationship.


Over the years, Nimble spared no effort on staff care. Besides the “Family with Love” activity, Nimble will be organizing the first annual family care event called “We are the Nimblese.” for staff to relax and enjoy a number of fun sports with their family members outside of work. The event will present prizes of travel package to those outstanding families.


Looking to the future, Nimble will keep on developing, which will make the talent cultivation become the vital strategy for enterprise development. Nimble will continuously put its focus on each staff and offer them wide career development opportunities, high incomes and a family-like corporate culture to support them to achieve their career values and live a better life.

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