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Ice Hail and Bomb Cyclones Stir Up Roof Repair Insurance Questions for Homeowners

January 08
23:26 2018
Hail, wind, snow, and rain can all wreak havoc on a homeowner’s roof, gutters, and siding. David and Bud Schwartz of 7 Summits Roofing in Colorado Springs offers up timely advice on what to look for and how best to approach your insurance company to open a repair claim.

JANUARY 8, 2017 – COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO – As harsh winter weather descends on most of America, many homeowners are faced with the need for making roof repairs. David Schwartz, owner of 7 Summits Roofing in Colorado Springs  says that “homeowners are often caught unaware of roofing problems as seemingly innocent, small hail storms can eventually have a huge impact over time. More than a few storm may eventually cause their shingles to crack or leak.” Co-Owner Bud Schwartz adds, “If you suspect your home has incurred any type of damage caused by the elements you should have your roof inspected by a professional roofing company as soon as possible. Winds that seem mild to you may be pulling up and breaking areas of shingles that are not easily observed. As with any home repair issue, catching the problem early can save big money.”

If it is obvious your roof is damaged then be sure to attempt to take temporary repair measures to prevent further damage. When you notice a leak and you fail to take action to prevent additional damage then your insurance company can find you at fault. Make an effort to mitigate the problem in the damaged area and call a for a professional inspection so that your claim can proceed smoothly and won’t be potentially denied. “Getting a roof inspection is key for a quick resolution with your insurance company,” says Bud Schwartz.

If you have comprehensive homeowners insurance policy on your residence or building then a initial inspection from a professional roofing company such as 7 Summits Roofing will help you make the decision whether or not call your insurance agent to file a claim. An accurate assessment of your roof’s condition will be the first step you need to take in order to proceed with your claim and move towards repair. “A professional inspection and an accurate estimate for any needed repair work – or even replacement in the event of major damage – is going to be the foundation for your insurance claim,” says Co-Owner Randy Florell. “The faster you get your roof inspected the faster you can move towards working with your insurance provider towards a full repair before you receive any more ongoing issues related the initial problem.”

Now that you have determined that you need repair assistance or at the very least a professional assessment and you have contacted a reputable roofing company for an actual inspection then the next step is to contact your insurance company. They will send out an assessor who will assay your roof and determine the amount of the payment which will cover your repair cost.

You may want to contact the roofing repair company you have selected to perform the service so that they can follow along with the assessor to make sure all of the damage is recorded and the settlement will be large enough to cover all of the work. While the contractor won’t be given the final authority to write the claim amount he or she can have an influence that will be benefit you. It is also helpful for your selected roofing repair company to begin to use this time to form a relationship between the insurance company and the adjustor. A quick meeting can ensure that your claim will be processed in a timely manner so repairs can begin and your roof can be put back into normal condition as soon as possible.

“Filing a claim with your insurance company in Colorado is the most important thing you can do to get your home back in order,” says David Schwartz. “In order to get the claim process started you will need to know the name of your Colorado insurance company along with your policy number. You will also want to have the date and location of the damage, name of the policy holder, address of the claim and the policy mailing address handy at the time you contact your insurance company.”


7 Summits Roofing has been in the roofing business for over 25 years. They offer new roof installation, roof repair, HVAC, gutters, siding, as well as storm restoration and Insurance Claims Assistance. They are a licensed and insured roofing company and a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association, and holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Their installers are thoroughly trained and are experienced roofing professionals. All work performed by 7 Summits Roofing exceeds both manufacturer’s specifications and local code and they back it by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

More for information about 7 Summits Roofing, David Schwartz, Bud Schwartz or Randy Florell visit or call 720-778-2099.

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