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China’s first pop music show was successfully concluded, “Yin” displays the young cultural trends for the future

January 16
23:34 2018

On January 13, Yin-trend music night, the first event of China’s first pop music brand, was successfully concluded. A number of well-known Chinese singers and artists such as Chris Lee, Karen Joy Morris, Leah Dou, Chenyu Hua, and PuShu jointly showed the future trends of current music to global netizens. It is worth mentioning that this event was an exclusive global live broadcast via Tencent video and there were more than 10 million netizens watching the show online, among whom 80% viewers are the generation born after 1990 and 2000. The music show is the first large-scale integration of contemporary art, science and technology and music, which triggers many discussions in the music industry and on the Internet, showing more possibilities of music, and inspiring the audience to pay attention to and think about the development of the future trend of pop music.

Yin is an uncommon character in Chinese, composed of open and fire, originally referring to brightness and later developing to describe an ambitious and passionate person. As China’s first pop music brand, Yin is produced jointly by Tencent video and Wajijiwa with Yin-trend music night in January 2018, taking open fire as the slogan and music as the basic representation form to integrate contemporary art, fashion trend, and youth subculture and generate an unprecedented pop music event.

With artificial intelligence and augmented reality, science and technology redefine the expression of music

Yin-trend music night officially started the first music show after delivering a performance of the extreme physical aesthetics to audience in Tao Dance Theater of Chinese Modern Dance Troupe at the night. On the mechanical stage with a shape of a roc, which is one of supernatural beasts in ancient China, the well-known singer Chenyu Hua opened the ceremony as the DJ in person. After his I Don’t Care, MIX Beautiful Now and IQ 250, Compressorhead (robot band), a German heavy metal rock band composed of five robots, came on stage and had a music PK with Chenyu Hua’s music band and then the robot band performed Ace of Spades released by British hard rock band Motorhead in 1980. At last, Chenyu Hua and robot band jointly performed his representative song Aliens, making a dialogue with artificial intelligence with music as language. The cooperation between human beings and robots is another form of music expression, making music expression more vivid and full.

After Chenyu Hua, every section fully presented a sense of science and technology, and even video transitions with Blake Shaw’s video graffiti technology. Chinese famous singer Karen Joy Morris worn white dress in singing Love, and artists Oskar & Gaspar created a body projection tailored for her, which surprised audience. Singer Pu Shu sang against the bulb wall created by multi-media artist Han Lee, which varied with sound waves. Faye Wong, who takes a lead in Chinese pop music trend, and Chinese famous rock singer Dou Wei’s daughter were also present the event, delivering her work against circular-screen created by artist Tobias Gremmler, which gave audience double aesthetic sense of vision and hearing.

The final appearance was Chinese famous singer Chris Lee, whose latest album’s Liu Xing was cited in American drama Lethal Weapon, which drew much attention. At last, Chris Lee’s Youth ended the event. Chris Lee was wrapped up as the planet interaction device was sinking, and the circle throughout the last show not only represented an end but also a new start. Trends should be constantly explored and attempted to open fire to your inner heart, break through the traditions and yourself.

After the event, the audience commented: “I don’t know where those cool things come from but I know that they must be very cool.”

Rhythmic music reshaped the music interface

Higher Brothers, whose single subscriptions exceeded one million on Youtube, also joined Yin-trend music night, which indicates an important trend of the event: rhythm.

In China, rock music, folk songs, and more independent music are showing different kinds of music charm to young people in recent years.HIP HOP and EDM establish a new music aesthetic standard for the young people, challenging the traditions with tenacious street culture. Except for internationally well-known Higher Brothers, Yin-trend music night also invited Japan Diablo rap Prince KOHH, Jackson Wang, member of boy band GOT7, Triple H, HIPHOP and other HIPHOP musicians, displaying multifaceted hip-hop culture in Asia.

In the field of music, ACG music has already become an important part of the field. On the Yin-trend music night, Chenyu Hua’s IQ 250, Mao Buyi’s King Xiang Yu and His Concubine, both of which are heroic theme songs of King of Glory. Japanese famous WAGAKKI Band covered Hatsune Miku’s songs, which makes no dimensional wall between two and three dimensions. Chinese virtual idol HeZ also attended the event with Chinese painting A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains as stage art to present a performance which really breaks through the dimensional wall.

It’s the most exciting that genuine mobile games Player unknown’s Battlegrounds was also released in the event and One-hundred Chicken Dinner Group flied to Guangzhou Asian Games City Gymnasium in camouflage pants and tights and with pans in hands, really restoring the performance of Player unknown’s Battlegrounds in reality.

Trend music that belongs to the future

In the current society, the divergence of interest has become more and more serious. When the interest point becomes more vertical and dispersive, the greatest and the geekiest things can more quickly and accurately attract the attention of young people. The artist reinterprets how music can be expressed by means of device, vision, new media art and technology, and singers express their personality and style with music style and music content. Tencent video, producer of Yin-trend music night, believes that it’s a process that looks isolated, but in fact it’s full of collision.

As the largest online video media platform in China, Tencent video presented the brand-new form of trend music through Yin-trend music night. Yin shall continuously develop as a brand to create a cultural event that looks forward to the trend of the pop music every year. It can be seen from Yin-trend music night  that Chinese music industry tends to be diversified and more creative cross – border works may be produced in the future

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