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X Care, How will blockchain revolutionize medical care?

February 02
22:33 2018


The mission of X CARE is to establish a transnational medical data sharing platform via blockchain. Through “blockchain + medical data collaboration system” comprehensive solution, X CARE will provide more abundant, reliable and accessible basic data for AI health care, gene study, precision medical care, “long data” medical cases, drug research and other fields.


X CARE will provide a mechanism that allows medical data value to flow and exchange in favorable conditions. Data contributors can share de-sensitized data to boost medical research and development of medical service institutions, and receive rewards from data sharing.

Data islands in AI-driven big data era

The world has entered the big data era—all data analysis becomes possible. Due to limited computing capability in the past, small data analysis has been dominant in scientific research, which has inevitably led to less accurate and valuable findings.

AI computing proves to be exactly the solution. The innovative technology can handle a great amount of or even all data, providing more valuable data for medical care and research.

However, all data collection has been developed relatively slow in the medical field. Due to security, legitimacy and privacy, it has been a headache for the entire world to collect a great amount of medical data. In addition, data ownership, relevant laws and other regulations pose more challenges to all data collection. The most important data resource in the life science and healthcare field becomes “sleeping treasure”.

Application scenarios

X CARE will become a cornerstone for medical data research. Prospects are that it will be widely applied to the field of big medical data, such as AI medical assistance, drug development, gene research, medical insurance, as well as the field of long medical data, such as precision medical care, health management, chronic disease prevention and treatment, disease prevention, etc.

AI pharmaceutical development

AI has enormously improved data processing ability. With continuous improvement in the medical data community, a wider range of samples become available. The pharmaceutical research organizations can acquire and process cross-border and cross-industry big medical data via AI, accelerating the development of new drugs and benefiting lives.

Precision medicine and disease prevention

“Long data” refers to the vertical medical data of an individual. It contains traces and trends of one’s health since birth, enabling more precise judgements based on the patient’s drug resistance, medical history, drug reaction, etc. Meanwhile, it enables more accurate prediction of the patient’s health status and can even prevent certain diseases.

The future medical service providers will tend to choose the most effective therapy for the patient based on “long data” instead of general diagnosis or therapy.

Study of gene and rare diseases

X CARE will invite more and more gene research institutions to the community. As cross-border and cross-race gene data is added, chances are high for us to seek satisfying answers for critical issues regarding human lifespan, genetic diseases, senility, etc.

Low incidence rate is one of the major causes for a low curing rate of rare diseases. X CARE, with its strong integrating power, will provide more opportunities for the research and treatment of rare diseases.

Automatic claim settlement and precision insurance

Through smart contract, X CARE will automatically review and settle the claim for medical insurance based on big medical data. The reviewing process will be conducted via the trustless blockchain technology. Insurance service provider can also fulfill claim settlement in the same manner. Besides, “long data” will contribute to precision insurance for individuals.

Donation and relief

Authorization of medical data by individuals or institutions is critically important. By adopting blockchain technology, X CARE ensures security of the process and authenticity of the data, and greatly speed up development of medical data research.

Individuals and institutions may donate rewards obtained through data authorization to medical and charity institutions via X CARE. The donations will be applied to support areas with less developed medical systems or patients with disadvantaged economic conditions.

The design philosophy of X CARE chain is to maximize security, reliability, convenience and equality in medical data sharing. Rapid medical data generation speed, fast access speed, low utilization frequency and long storage cycle, as well as security, privacy, legitimacy and empowerment concerns during medical data storage and exchange will be fully considered to thoroughly solve the problem of data islands.

Blockchain technology will ultimately change the ways medical data is stored and shared. The decentralized trustless architecture is adopted to assure privacy and reliability of data sources, and security and legitimacy of data retrieval. Medical data, which has remained isolated, will be integrated as one on blockchain-based platform. To summarize, blockchain will reverse the frustrating phenomena of medical data islands, revolutionize medical care, and contribute to scientific research and welfare of mankind.

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