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March 05
11:30 2015

Adventures unfold with Waterford
Folding guides to outdoor recreation, emergency preparedness and survival, nature viewing, eco-tourism, adventure travels, parks, maps & more. With a fine balance of words and images, these guides are approachable and usable, even for non-readers. Perfect to carry in a pocket, backpack or glove-compartment for on-the-go learning.

Waterford Press is a Florida-based publishing company owned by zoologist James & Jill Kavanagh. Their 25+ years of adventure travel, nature observation and writing have resulted in publications to the flora and fauna of North America and most of the world’s great eco-tourism destinations.

Collaborations with National Geographic Maps, outdoor survival expert Dave Canterbury, Emmy award-winning naturalist Jeff Corwin, The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and more than 300 National and State Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, noted Conservation Organizations and many large eco-minded Corporations around the world have resulted in popular series such as the National Geographic Adventure Sets, Pathfinder Outdoor Survival Guides, Jeff’s Explorer Series and many others.

Waterford Press publishes the largest line of folding format reference guides in North America. Waterford Press is the only publisher with pocket guides to the flora & fauna of every state, and has the most comprehensive backlist of site-specific guides to parks, sanctuaries and international ecotourism destinations.

Merchandised in custom displays ranging from single pegs to 40 pocket floor spinners, Waterford Press guides, maps and books make ideal spontaneous gifts as the most comprehensive backlist of site-specific guides to parks, sanctuaries and international ecotourism destinations.

Written for anyone interested in outdoor recreation, emergency preparedness, disaster survival, eco-or adventure travel, or nature observation, Waterford Press’ more than 500 titles have something for everyone.

More than 90% of its guides and adventure sets are printed in the USA, and are modestly priced ranging from $5.95 to $17.95.

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Company Name: Waterford Press
Contact Person: Jill Smith
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Phone: 800-434-2555
Country: United States

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