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Author Rajiv Talreja Earns Amazon Best Seller Status in Multiple Categories

May 19
20:22 2016
Rajiv Talreja, author of Lead or Bleed, has been recognized as a best-selling author in multiple categories on Amazon due to the opening sales rush of his newly published book.

Rajiv Talreja is the author of Lead Or Bleed: How Entrepreneurs And Corporate Leaders Can Adopt A Proven System To Stop Fire Fighting And Start Accelerating Performance and Profits, a book that has now been named to three Amazon Best Seller lists:  Management & Leadership, Teams; Organizational Behavior; and Management & Leadership, Management.

According to Talreja, “Entrepreneurs and corporate leaders often find themselves in fire-fighting mode because their next line leadership team either lack competence, confidence, commitment or ownership.  These entrepreneurs and corporate leaders often find themselves under stress and end up creating a limiting belief about what it is possible to achieve as a team.”  Talreja stresses that “safe” or missed goals, unhappy stakeholders and high stress levels can all lead to a disengaged team that lacks meaningful leadership.

Instead of this frightening scenario, Talreja offers an alternative for business leaders. “Lead or Bleed is a powerful resource to learn a proven system of leadership, which can allow you to balance between growth, excellence and people development. You will learn how to engage people to build a high performance team.” states Talreja. Using his proven strategies, leadership teams are able to develop team member competence on the job; set and achieve challenging and inspiring goals and engage team members; solve real-world problems at the root rather than simply treating symptoms; and manage performance on a daily, weekly and yearly basis while staying on track to achieve business objectives and goals.

“It is critical that leadership teams learn to balance strategic growth with excellence in operation and development of workforce,” notes Talreja, a successful entrepreneur and business owner himself.  His best-selling book, Lead Or Bleed: How Entrepreneurs And Corporate Leaders Can Adopt A Proven System To Stop Fire Fighting And Start Accelerating Performance and Profits, promises to help businesses do just that through the P.A.C.E. system:  Performance, Action, Change and Efficiency.  Talreja combines these qualities into a unique system that helps businesses meet the challenges of today’s world. 

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About Rajiv Talreja:

Rajiv Talreja is the author of Lead Or Bleed:  How Entrepreneurs and Corporate Leaders can Adopt a Proven System to Stop Fire Fighting and Start Accelerating Performance and Profits. Through personal experience with failed businesses which he calls his “best experiences,” Talreja has learned to successfully operate Quantum Leap Learning Solutions and Dream Craft Events. In addition, Talreja has helped more than 50,000 people through training and coaching engagements around the world.

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Company Name: Quantum Leap Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd
Contact Person: Rajiv Talreja
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +91 998 605 9090
Country: India

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